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Architect (2012) and PhD in Urbanism (Polytechnic University of Catalonia – UPC-2017), Master in Urban Research (UPC-2014), Researcher at the Laboratori d’Urbanisme de Barcelona (LUB) and Adjunct Lecturer of Urban Design at Barcelona School of Architecture since 2013. He has collaborated with several architectural offices since 2006, and has received numerous awards and university scholarships (Caixa Manresa 2006, LUB Collaboration Scholarship 2011, FPI-UPC Scholarship 2012, FI-DGR 2014, FPU 2015-2017, La Caixa 2017, Erasmus + Doctorate). His doctoral thesis, “The interstitial condition in the urban articulation projects. From the Slussen to the Stockholm of Tage William-Olsson in four stages” (December 2017), received the Cum Laude Distinction and the Special Doctoral Award (UPC 2019). Lecturer at the University of Virginia-Barcelona Program (2017-2019). Visiting researcher at Politecnico di Milano (2019·06) and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2017). Lecturer at Tabula Rasa Symposium (ETSAUN, 2014), International Symposium of Urban Form (Valencia, 2017), ArkDes Symposium (2018) and AESOP Venice Conference (2019). He has been guest crit at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK, 2016), University College of London (2017), PUC Chile (2017), University of Antwerpen (2018) and University for the Creative Arts (Canterbury, 2019). Co-coordinator of the “Barcelona Enllaços · Links” exhibition (LUB, COAC-2013 and CCCB 2015-Piso Piloto) and the LUB’s contribution to the “Metropolis Barcelona” exhibition commissioned by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area in 2015. Author of various essays and articles on architecture and urban design in reviews such as Quaderns PDU MetropolitàPalimpsesto, Circuito de ArquitecturaProyecto, progreso y arquitectura and VLC Arquitectura.
He has been collaborating with architect Josep Parcerisa on the development of urban projects such as the New Boulevard of Salou (2010-2015); the Porta de Collserola at Ciutat Meridiana (Barcelona, 2012); the Preliminar Studies for Parc de La Pineda (Salou, 2014- 2015); international urban planning competitions (Santiago de Chile, 2012) and the edition of several monographs and articles on urbanism and Barcelona. First prize in the OPENGAP International Competition for Ideas: Design of a non-commercial indoor public space (2012) and runner-up at the competition for the New Square of Auditori Enric Granados (Lleida, 2017). During the first term of 2017 he worked on a full-time internship in Space Syntax Ltd. London.