<b>2021·06</b> <em>first prize</em> <br>NUSOS I CRUÏLLES #6 · Barcelona<br><em>DELTA·POLIS</em>


1st Prize · Nusos i cruïlles. Prat de Llobregat – Sant Boi, Barcelona
With Robert de Paauw, Berenguer Gangolells, Paula Bruna, Victor Sazatornil, Javi Morera, Mikel Berra,  Bruno Futema, Maurício Addor Neto

The proposal is based on three main objectives: the optimization of road infrastructure and the commitment to sustainable mobility; the reconnection of fragmented natural spaces, enhancing existing biodiversity; and finally, the foundation of new mixed-use neighborhoods with quality open spaces that allow an effective transition with the agricultural Park.

Our project aims to extend the influence of the Delta beyond the C32 and B20 to infiltrate the Prat de Llobregat and Sant Boi reaching the markets, homes and day-by-day itineraries. The project is structured by a new space-strip of approximately 100 Ha, defined by the new metropolitan avenue and the Canal de la Dreta: it wants to become a central point for the new ecosystem, recreational and social facilities, a green membrane for an efficient and porous exchange, and a multifunctional park between the urban and the agricultural land.

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Phase 1: metropolitan scale
Phase 1: 1/5000 scale
Phase 2: Sant Boi de Llobregat
Phase 2: Canal de la Dreta
Phase 2: Prat Nord