<b>2019·12</b> <em>competition</em> <br>EUROPAN · Barcelona<br><em>DE REC A RIU</em>


Europan 15
With Javier Morera, Maria Sant & Pau Barberan

Vallbona hosts the largest agricultural land between the Rec Comtal and the Besòs River. Why not expand it and turn this leftover land into a horticulture reserve for a productive city? To reach it we propose: (1) to reinforce the water as the driving-force of the land subdivision; (2) to use the future tunnelling of Renfe to place the Besòs Avenue as a key link for the near neighbourhoods and the new mix-use district; (3) to extend Torre Baró bridge up to Serralada de Marina; (4) to locate three HUBs to enhance an efficient cycle of production-research-transformation-recycling- exchange; and (5) to set flexible typologies for a sustainable development of productive housing. DE REC A RIU aims to be a synthetic answer to the multiple scales that should inform production in our cities.