<b>2015</b><br><em> Barcelona Mapping</em><br> COAC

2015 Barcelona Mapping COAC

Curators: Fernando Marzá, Gemma Moles, Álvaro Clua

“The Architects’ Association of Catalonia presents a new permanent installation on the City of Barcelona, which can be visited in the headquarters’ lobby. This installation consists of a model of Barcelona, at 1/4,000 scale, on which audiovisual projections are screened through mapping technology, thus explaining different ideas and concepts about our city and its history.

‘Model of Barcelona. Projections on the City’ is intended to bring to the public different architectural and urban realities of Barcelona, and at the same time create debate about them. The model provides the opportunity to visualize all that the city is offering, captivate the audience and become a benchmark when it comes to the understanding of the urban and architectural evolution of the city.

The installation opens with the screening of the audiovisual ‘Building the Contemporary Barcelona’, produced by F. Marzá, Gemma Molas and curated by Álvaro Clua. This video shows the history and growth of the city, explaining the urban events that have helped it become one of the capitals of the world.

Throughout the year, the installation will feature successive videos which will focus on issues such as the relationship between different neighbourhoods, the shaping of the current city after the union of several old towns, and their relationship with the Eixample. Moreover, the screenings will also show different itineraries of architectural interest, which will emphasize their most iconic buildings and spaces.

The model has been built by the ETSAV-UPC Modelling Workshop”.

Text adapted from https://www.arquitectes.cat/en/model-barcelona