<b>2016·02</b> <em>research stay</em><br> Joze Plecnik, Ljubljana

PhD research stay in LjubljanaJoze Plecnik

Research on specific bibliography and documents at:

Museum-House of Joze Plecnik
Personal archive of prof. Dr. Damian Prelovsek
Narodna in Univerzitetna Knjiznica, Ljubljana

On-site visit to the work of Joze Plecnik

Interviews partly published or referred in the doctoral dissertation

11·02·2016 Prof. Dr. Alberto Ferlenga (IUAV).
11·02·2016 Prof. Dr. Andrea Iorio (IUAV).
15·02·2016 Prof. Dr. Peter Krecic.
15·02·2016 Hist. Ana Porok, in charge of the Museum-House of Joze Plecnik.
08·02·2016 Prof. Dr. Damian Prelovsek.