<b>2013·09·30-10·24</b><br><em> Barcelona Enllaços</em><br>COAC

Barcelona Enllaços · Enlaces · Links

COAC exhibition and catalogue
Curators: Josep Parcerisa, Carles Crosas
Coordination and edition: Álvaro Clua
Text Review: Eulàlia Gómez
Production: Claire Bellocq, Ferran Montoya
Laboratori d’Urbanisme de Barcelona, 2013



“BARCELONA LINKS takes seven examples and sets out an ambitious scope for the city. The issue of links is as relevant and necessary today as it was 100 years ago. We present situations that have become obscured by accumulated prejudice but which could be opportunities for a more integrated, intense city. This book presents maps and views, seminar discussions, articles and lessons, surveys, diagrams with hypotheses, scans of fabrics, sketches, floor plans, elevations and sections of alternative projects at the service of an enthusiastic and determined city. How can we make Barcelona bigger and better? How can we take it further to connect the parts of the metropolis and break down internal barriers?”